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National Intellectual Disability Care Agency (NIDCA)

The National Intellectual Disability Care Agency (NIDCA) is a specialist needs assessment and service coordination agency for people with an intellectual impairment who have high and complex behavioural needs. NIDCA replaced the previous 5 regional RIDCA's in 2013 and this contract is held by Capital and Coast DHB.

In September 2004 the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003 (IDCC&R Act) came into force. The legislation provides compulsory care and rehabilitation for people with intellectual disabilities that have either received a dispositional order through the Criminal Courts, has transferred from prison or is a former special patient - all who meet the criteria set out in the legislation.

In response to the IDCC&R Act, the Ministry of Health has developed a framework of specialised services to support the administration of the Act. The services are also available to meet the needs of people with intellectual disability whose behaviour requires intensive levels of support and are referred to NIDCA by the local NASC agency.

The National Intellectual Disability Care Agency (NIDCA) is the specialist needs assessment and service coordination agency that determines eligibility and access to these specialised services.

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What is the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act 2003 (IDCC&R Act)?

The IDCC&R Act allows the court to make a compulsory care order for people with an intellectual disability who are charged with or convicted of an imprisonable offence. It also provides a pathway for prisoners or former special patients identified as having an intellectual disability, and meeting the act criteria, being transferred to a more appropriate rehabilitation regime. The Act provides for two different levels of care, secure care or supervised care within specifically contracted residential or hospital services.

What does NIDCA provide?

NIDCA has Compulsory Care Coordinators, statutory appointments under the IDCC&R Act, and Intensive Service Coordinators who provide needs assessment and work closely with organisations to ensure specialised services are provided.

As well as those people covered by the IDCC&R Act, NIDCA also provides services to those who have an intellectual disability and whose behaviour may pose serious risk of physical harm to themselves or others. Access to mainstream residential services must also have been exhausted. The local NASC is responsible for these referrals to NIDCA.

What specialised services are available?

Specialised services are available for people with intellectual disability who require intensive services and people under compulsory care orders. These services are required to work co-operatively together.

NIDCA makes referrals to a national and regional network of services that deliver the following:

Regional Intellectual Disability Supported Accommodation Service (RIDSAS) providing community secure, supervised and independent supported living accommodation and services including vocational services and day activities.

National and Regional Intellectual Disability Secure Services (NIDSS/RIDSS) providing hospital inpatient assessment, forensic assessment, long-term placement and community liaison teams.

Eligibility for any contracted RIDSAS or RIDSS service is determined by NIDCA.

How can I contact my local NIDCA office?

NIDCA can be contacted by calling one of the following numbers:

Auckland 09 263 9294
Wellington 04 381 1637

You will then be put in contact with your local NIDCA office.

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