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Disability Information & Advisory Services (DIAS)

Disability Information and Advice Services (DIAS) are provided by many organisations in New Zealand. Some organisations are funded by the Ministry of Health, while others are funded privately or by grants and fundraising activities. Some DIAS organisations provide a service to one region while others provide disability information through a national network with branches and local contacts.

DIAS are free to anyone. Information and advice could be about a type of impairment or the impact of disability on a person and their family/whanau. It may also include information about disability support services and how these can be accessed, for example, how to get equipment or support at home.

DIAS aim to provide accurate, up to date and objective information and advice about disability and support services, in a way appropriate for the person needing it.

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What do disability information and advisory services do?

DIAS commonly provide printed information in the form of pamphlets and newsletters. Most printed information contains an organisation’s contact details including phone, email and fax details. Many organisations, especially national providers have a website. Some have an information library service and hold information seminars and disability awareness activities. Most disability information and advisory services will provide information over the phone or face-to-face.

Where to get disability information and advice.

Thirteen organisations have a contract to provide disability information and advice in New Zealand. Contact details for National, Auckland and Northland offices (if available) are provided in the Service Provider Directory.

In Auckland and Northland DIAS agencies include Vaka Tautua, PIASS Trust (Pacific Information and Advocacy Support Services Trust), Te Roopu Waiora, NorthAble (Maori Services Coordinator), Parent and Family Resource Centre, Carers New Zealand, Age Concern, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, and the Deaf Association New Zealand.

Most DIAS provide their information in a range of ways to suit people with different needs, such as large print or simple language. Some organisations aim to support the information needs of a specific population i.e. Pacific peoples, Maori, children, parents, older people, blind and vision impaired, and deaf and hearing impaired.

Organisations providing disability information and advice receive funding nationally or regionally/locally from either Disability Services or a District Health Board.

What about other relevant services?

DIAS create networks, links and working relationships with a number of disability support services and funding agencies.

They also have a general understanding of how the disability sector works, and where to find Needs Assessment and Co-ordination Services (NASC), support services, vocational, and educational services, Maori advisors, support groups, etc.

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