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Home Based Support Services (HBSS) assist a person to be independent within their home. Support workers spend an agreed number of hours in a person's home providing personal support and household management services. The number of hours and type of tasks to be done by the support worker is identified during a needs assessment.

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What is home based support services?

Support is usually provided on a one to one basis to assist with personal support and household management. This may mean supporting a person to do the task themselves or doing the task for them if they are unable to. Personal support includes things like showering and bathing, dressing and undressing, getting up and going to bed. Household management (often referred to as home help or domestic help) assists a person to maintain and organise their home environment. This includes things like housework, laundry and shopping.

HBSS also provide social support, caregiver support and information on other services and support groups. HBSS are mainly provided in a person's home whether rented or owned.

How does a person access home based support services?

Firstly a person must be assessed by a Needs Assessment & Service Coordination (NASC) agency. NASC will determine if a person is eligible for funded home based support services. To be eligible a person must meet the Ministry of Health's definition of disability and financial eligibility criteria.

To get funding for support with household management tasks a person needs to have a Community Services Card or have been assessed by Work and Income as meeting the household management income and asset level criteria. Income and asset testing does not apply to personal care services.

How much support will a person get?

The needs assessment will determine the tasks a person requires support with i.e. vacuuming, help with bathing, and the number of hours that will be funded to provide the support. The number of hours allocated is how long a support worker will be in your home each week.

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