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There are a number of Government and Non-Government departments and disability organisations providing funding and support within the disability sector.

The following information is designed to provide you with a brief description of the role of the agencies in relation to the provision of disability services, useful links and contact details in Auckland and Northland.


Services are provided or purchased by Government departments to meet the needs of New Zealanders. When a Government department purchases a service from a provider, a contract is entered into. The contract is an agreement on what services are to be provided as a publicly funded (free or subsidised) service. The Government determines what groups of people are eligible to access publicly funded disability services in New Zealand Read more about this here » and the criteria that must be met to access the service.

There are circumstances where a person is required or may choose to pay to access a disability support service. These include the following:

  • Does not meet the eligibility criteria to access publicly funded disability services in New Zealand
  • Does not meet the specific criteria (i.e.: Ministry of Health definition of disability) to access a Ministry of Health contracted service
  • The provider of the service does not have a contract with the Ministry of Health to provide a publicly funded service. These are typically referred to as private providers
  • The service is not fully funded and a person is required to contribute toward a fee for service
  • To access the service a form of means testing (i.e.: income and asset test) is applied
  • Personal choice i.e.: consider the waiting list too long, support not funded to the level desired

Some organisations have acquired funding from non-government sources or their own fund raising efforts to provide additional support or fill a perceived funding gap. To access this funding a person is typically still required to meet certain criteria. In some cases the funding is considered to be only available in the event of “last resort” and people are encouraged to go through the main channels of funding first.


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