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Support for young people to move out of home

1. My 20 year old daughter who is intellectually disabled is talking about moving from the family home to somewhere she can be more independent. What things should we be considering, and what help is available?

Your daughter and family will have different options to choose from when deciding where and with whom your daughter will live when she leaves the family home. Supported Living services can work alongside your daughter and family during this process, providing a supportive link to ensure your daughter has the right support services or people in place, for her to live and participate in the community on her own.

Supported Living services can be accessed by your daughter following a needs assessment from her local Needs Assessment Agency and referral. The needs assessment helps determine what supports will be necessary when your daughter transitions from the family home to a living situation of her choice.

Getting a wheelchair

2. My 5 year old grandson has cerebral palsy and walks slowly and with difficulty. The family thinks he would be able to get around better with a wheelchair. Where do we get one from?

Wheelchairs that are suitable for children can be purchased directly from the following companies:

Allied Medical
Freephone: 0800 31 61 81

Invacare (NZ) Ltd
Ph: 09 917 3969

Your grandson may be eligible to receive funding for a wheelchair. Contact your local Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) agency to find out if this is something they can help with.

Respite care for children and teenagers

3. My teenager is very disabled, and at times we need a break – is respite care available for teenagers and children?

Respite support is available for disabled children and teenagers and their carer/support person. It usually involves the disabled child or teenager being away from home and overnight.

An assessment by a Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) agency is completed to determine whether a person meets the eligibility criteria for disability support services. The needs of the disabled person are identified, the amount of respite support is determined and support is provided to help those involved to find a suitable respite service.

The Open Home Foundation provides a service for children (under 16 years) with high needs relating to their intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder and their families in the eastern region of South and Central Auckland.

CCS disability action is a national provider of support and services to children and adults with physical or multiple disabilities and their families and whanau.

Two organisations covering the Auckland area, NZCare Group and Laura Fergusson Trust are funded to provide Respite Support for young people aged over 16 years with high needs related to their physical disability.

Respite Support is designed to provide short-term breaks for carers, while providing a positive experience for the disabled person.

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