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Help following a stroke

1. I can’t do my housework any longer because I had a stroke 6 months ago and still don’t have the use of my arm. I am 69 years old – where do I go for help?

For people over the age of 65, the government funds Needs Assessment and Service Coordination services (NASC) via the District Health Boards. This is a free service. You may self-refer or referrals can be made by your GP, family/whanau.

An Assessor will meet with you and your family/whanau and ask you some questions about how you manage living at home. The Assessor will create a package of support to meet your needs. This support may include household management, personal support, and meal preparation. With this support you will be able to continue living in your own home.

For more information about contacting your nearest hospital, the Funding and Disability page provides a list of District Health Boards in the Auckland and Northland regions.

The Stroke Foundation provides information and support to people with a stroke and their family/whanau and caregivers.

Equipment needed when you have a hip replacement

2. My husband is having a hip replacement next month – I understand he will need some special equipment. Where do we get this from?

The Disability Resource Centre, Auckland has a range of equipment that will make the transition following a hip replacement easier to manage. Things you might find useful may include crutches, sock aids, Easy Reachers (for picking things up off the floor).

NorthAble (Northland Disabilities Resource Centre) have a range of equipment that will meet your needs following a hip replacement.

Funding for a powered wheelchair

3. I have used my own power chair for the past 10 years – I think I need a new one, but they are so expensive to buy. Could I get funding for one?

A Needs Assessment may help determine whether you are eligible for an upgrade on your powerchair. If you’re under 65 years this is Taikura Trust in Auckland, or NorthAble if you’re based in Northland. If you’re over 65 years contact your the hospital nearest to where you live and speak to the needs assessment and service coordination team.

You may be eligible to apply to the Lottery Grants Board to fund a new power chair. For a brochure that outlines the application process and a Lottery Grants Board application form contact the Disability Resource Centre, Auckland, or email

Funding of equipment at home and in residential care

4. If I need specialist equipment in my home, who funds this? What happens if I move into residential care?

If you are living in your own home, specialist equipment is funded by the Ministry of Health. You can access this funding by having a needs assessment (If if you are over 65 years of age your needs assessment agency is based at your local hospital; if you are under 65 it is Taikura Trust in Auckland and NorthAble based in Northland).

If, however you move into residential care, and are over 65 years of age specialist equipment is usually funded by the residential provider.

For those under 65 years or with a lifelong disability living in residential care, you may be eligible to have equipment funded on the same basis as if you were living in your own home, however consideration of the needs of other residents of a house is required to ensure that suitable and essential equipment only is provided.

Hip protectors

5. Hip protectors – where do I get these and who pays for them?

Hip protectors are a great way to minimize the risk of damaging hips in the event of falling. These can be purchased directly from the following not-for-profit equipment retailers:

Hiring equipment

6. Where can I hire or rent equipment from?

If you are looking to hire equipment over a specific timeframe the following links can provide you with further information:

DRC Auckland can assist with

Mobility equipment:
  • wheelchairs, walkers, crutches
  • mobility scooter
  • portable ramps

Equipment for hire from NorthAble

Bathroom equipment:
  • shower stools
  • shower chairs

Weka provides a national database for equipment hire. - Click on the link and type in the word 'hire' into the Search.

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