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Support Services overview

1. Which Government organisations help disabled people of different ages and with different needs? Can you provide me a brief overview?

The following table gives a brief overview of government funding. You’ll find further information on the funding framework on the Funding and Disability page

Impairment Age range Funding
Physical, sensory, or intellectual impairment People aged 0-65

While at school

Working age – full time employment or education

Via Needs assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) agency (Ministry of Health Disability Services)

Special Education, Ministry of Education

Work and Income, Ministry of Social Development
Impairment as a result of injury or accident All ages ACC
Age related impairment Over 65 years Needs assessments via local hospital (District Health Boards, Ministry of Health)

Work and Income, Ministry of Social Development

Support to get equipment

2. We have lots of people phoning us wanting to know if they have to buy equipment or if they can get it funded somehow. What should we tell them?

Equipment may be funded by the Ministry of Health Disability Services for people aged 0-65 years who meet the eligibility criteria; for people over the age of 65 funding is provided through the District Health Boards. In both situations a Needs Assessment is carried out to identify a person’s needs and the supports they require to assist them to live independently in their home and community. More information can be found in the Equipment and Modifications section of Support Options.

If your impairment is the direct result of an accident or injury, contact ACC

Finding providers of support services

3. Where can we find contact details for organisations which provide support to disabled people and their families?

The Ministry of Health funds a number of Providers (organisations) to provide disability support services. You will find Providers listed under the categories on the Menu to your right. Another click of the button takes you to VIEW PROVIDERS and the HELPFUL HINT allows you to select the Providers you want to create your very own Information Sheet including contact details you can save or print for future reference.

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