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Wheelchair for around school

1. I am 15 years old and at high school. I use a self-propelling wheelchair to get around school, but I can’t keep up with my friends and I am always late for class. I need a powered chair, so who do I see about getting one?

Your Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) agency will need to assess how your circumstances have changed. Depending on the outcome of the assessment the Assessor may recommend a power chair to meet your requirements to participate fully in school. An Occupational Therapist (OT) may become involved and talk with you. The OT may apply for funding from the Ministry of Education for a power chair for you to use.

Help to live independently

1. I am 20 years old and live with my family. I want to go flatting with my friends, but I need help to look after myself, cooking, shopping, and finding a job. I have Down Syndrome.

Supported Living services can work with you to find suitable accommodation and establish a support package that will enable you to live independently in a flatting situation with your friends.

Supported Living services can be accessed via your local Agency Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC). The needs assessment helps determine what supports will be necessary when you leave the family home and move in with friends of your choice.

Computer and communication equipment

2. I am 14 and use a computer as I can’t write or speak – it doesn’t work well any more, can I get a better one, maybe one that speaks for me?

TalkLink Assistive Technology Services specialise in communication equipment that can be used by people who have difficulty speaking, writing or learning. TalkLink is contracted by the Ministry of Health to provide communication services. TalkLink is located in Auckland and Wellington. Referrals can be made by contacting TalkLink for a referral form or downloading one from their website. If you meet the criteria, communication technology may be supplied to you at no cost.

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