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Welcome to Support Options, your online guide to disability services. Have you ever wondered what supports are available if you or someone you know lives with a disability or acquires a disability some time in their lives? What information will help you in these situations? What services are out there in your community and how do you access them?

Support Options aims to provide answers to questions like these. The aim is that it’s a navigational tool to information about disability support services and the processes by which you can access these.

Support Options is the initiative of the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) Auckland in collaboration with Tiaho Trust Northland to provide you with up to date information about disability support services* and how to access them in the Auckland and Northland regions.

The DRC Auckland is primarily a Disability Information and Advisory Service (DIAS) for the Auckland community. Information about disability and disability support services is currently provided in a number of formats:
  • Brochures
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Face-to-face contact
  • Telephone/fax
  • Email and website contact
  • Promotion of weka ( what everyone keeps asking…about disability)
DRC Auckland has engaged in project management, overseeing reviews of disability services on behalf of major funders. One project highlighted a gap in the provision of disability information, particularly disability support services and how people access these.

Providing this information electronically was deemed the most appropriate way to make information about disability support services accessible to everyone. This technology also enables service providers/organisations to print information sheets for clients and/or for use in areas where access to the internet is limited.

Tiaho Trust Northland works collaboratively with non-government organisations and kaupapa Maori organisations in the disability and community sectors.

Support Options encourages disabled people, their families/whanau, support workers, service providers and the general public to access online information about disability support services, with relevant links to government and the non-government sector agencies, which is:
  • Quality assured
  • Reliable
  • Up-to-date
The team at DRC Auckland and Tiaho Trust will ensure that information is updated every 3 months and invite your feedback to ensure information contained on this site is accurate.


What information does Support Options provide?

  • Mental Health Services (to be developed)
  • Child
  • Youth
  • Adult
  • Disability Support Services:

    • Needs Assessment and Service Coordination
    • Disability Information and Advisory Services
    • Home Based Support Services
    • Environmental Support Services
    • Community Residential Services
    • Respite and Carer Support
    • Supported Independent Living
    • Rehabilitation and Habilitation Services
    • Regional Intellectual Disability Care Agency

How useful links are included:

Support Options maintains a list of useful links in order to:
  • Facilitate accessibility (physical and information access) to generic services for disabled people
  • Provide information about disability support services, services or organisations
We ensure that the following processes occur prior to any site being listed:
  • Representative community service organisations provide site links
  • Support Options deems the site suitable and relevant

How information is developed and categorized:

[Currently] Information on Support Options is categorized according to Disability Support Services as funded by the Ministry of Health, Disability Services in Auckland and Northland. Each service provider signs a contract with the MOH to provide services to support disabled people and their families/whanau towards independence. A service description of each service contract is provided on Support Options with organisations’ contact details and useful links to relevant websites available.

How to contact us:

Independent Living Service manages the Auckland content of Support Options, while Tiaho Trust manages Northland content.

If you have any feedback or problems accessing this site please use the Contact Us function of the site. If you are unable to access that page, you can contact Independent Living Service on (09) 625-8069 Or 0800-693 342. Our postal addresses are:

Tiaho Trust
PO Box 374
Independent Living Service
PO Box 24-042
Royal Oak
Auckland 1345


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